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Slow Club’s Complete Surrender – A track by track guide
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Slow Club’s Complete Surrender – A track by track guide

Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor talk us through their new record, one track at a time. Preview it on the right-hand side of the page. 


‘Tears Of Joy’

Charles: “This was written quite early on, we wrote a lot of the album in Stroud and this was in bits when we got there. It was quite fun to demo, we hammered it out really quickly.”

Rebecca: “I can’t play guitar as well as Charles, I end up singing him nonsense melodies and he turns them into music. There was a lot of that.”


‘Everything Is New’

Rebecca: “We played this all last tour, it always went down really well. We wanted to do something with this beat for ages too. It must easily be the oldest song on the album, but it’s turned out so well.”


‘Suffering You, Suffering Me’

Charles: “Took a bit of time to get this right, but it’s turned out really well. It’s got that swing, that kind of old soul feeling to it. I remember playing it back for the first time when it was all finished and thinking ‘Wow’.


‘Not Mine To Love’

Rebecca: “A bit of a sad one.”

Charles: “There are a few slow songs on the record, but we wanted to keep the balance between that and the poppier tracks."


‘The Pieces’

Rebecca: "Colin (Elliot, producer) helped us a lot with this too, it's got this great groove to it, I love the way the horns work, they sound so lush."


‘Number One’

Charles: “I’d been playing around with this for a while and our manager came up, we’d finish recording, we ended up knocking this out in an afternoon. I bought a keyboard off Ebay for this song and it literally only worked for 15 minutes, but we managed to get a song out of it.”

Rebecca: “Such a beautiful song, I love the way this flows.”


‘The Queen’s Nose’

Rebecca: “This is a weird one, because the title has nothing to do with the actual song, I used to watch that show The Queen’s Nose when I was younger and I ended up naming the song after the track. I was going to change it, but I never did. Weirdly I ended up going out with a guy who knew the girl (Victoria Shalet) who was the lead actress, never got to meet her though.”


‘Complete Surrender’

Charles: “Colin really helped mould this, it was quite basic, quite garage rocky, and he just thought it could be more and we added more and more. It took a while to get right, but we were so happy with the result. It started out as this weird disco song and gradually got more and more refined.”


‘Paraguay And Panama’

Charles: “This one takes the piss a little bit, I went to the pub after we'd finished doing 'Suffering Me, Suffering You' and there was this painting, it pretty much came from there. Weird."


‘Dependable People And Things That I’m Sure Of’

Rebecca: “I think from the title it’s pretty obvious what this is about, it's actually quite a positive song. I was trying to write something empowering, I'd gotten obsessed with Katy Perry's 'Roar' and I thought if I can write a song that makes me feel the same way I'll be so happy."


‘Wanderer Wandering’

Charles: "We moved the tracks around a few times, but we kept coming back to this one as the way to end the album, it caps it off really nicely." 


Slow Club are taking over hmv.com throughout today (Monday July 14th), click here for a track by track guide to their new album Complete Surrender, a personal Top 10, a Twitter Q&A and a full retrospective from the pair.

Complete Surrender is available in hmv stores across the UK now.


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