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Slow Club's Rebecca Taylor answers your questions...
by Tom
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Slow Club's Rebecca Taylor answers your questions...

As part of our Slow Club takeover today (July 14th), we rounded up some Twitter questions and put them to Rebecca Taylor, here's what she came back with...


Rebecca: "My favourite is Number One."

Rebecca: "I'm not sure really. Every song has a a mixture of us, also I don't think any song represents my personality as much as Tears of a Clown."

Rebecca: "It's about a number of things but mainly family and home. Lucy Needs, genius director, had the idea to feature Lindy hop dancers."

Rebecca: "I'm quietly confident we will work hard and end up somewhere comfortable. I hope anyhow."

Rebecca: "That's a tough one but I think it might be Viva Forever? HAUNTING."

Rebecca: "I hope so and I'm sure we will one day or one day soon."

Rebecca: "I would do both happily as I love to be naked and I also love marmite."


Slow Club are taking over throughout today (Monday July 14th), click here for a track by track guide to their new album Complete Surrender, a personal Top 10, a Twitter Q&A and a full retrospective from the pair.

Complete Surrender is available in hmv stores across the UK now.

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