Sea When Absent

by A Sunny Day In Glasgow

Released on Lefse Records

It’s clear what you’re thinking: this band’s name can only mean one thing, and that’s Belle and Sebastian-esque baroque/twee-pop. We thought the same, and couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Multinational, Philadelphia-based shoegazers A Sunny Day in Glasgow return with their fourth, most widely-received record Sea When Absent, adding further contemporary spark and sunshine to a genre traditionally soaked in appealing moodiness.

The smooth stand-out track 'Crushin' throws us back to Pygmalion-era Slowdive, coinciding beautifully with that iconic band’s reformation.

Vocally gorgeous, warm and pertinently unpredictable, this is an album sure to sit amongst alt-rock royalty in time.

by Sam hmv Colchester