This Is All Yours

by alt-J

Released on Infectious Music

The pressure really is on Alt J after creating a debut that saw them winning the Mercury Prize and being hailed as the new Radiohead. To add to that they also lost a member of the band in the build up to the second full release. It's a good job then that this album is not lacking depth in any way at all. 

From the outset you can tell it's the same old band and their musicianship seems tighter than ever. It also manages to out-do its predecessor in the obscure lyrics department. This is most evident on album highlight 'Every Other Freckle' which is surprising in its structure and very "out there" lyrics. Going from "Cats nestling into beanbags" and "Licking crisp packets" in the space of two lines. It's one of many great tracks on an album worthy of the hype.

The haunting 'Hunger Of The Pine' sets a real atmosphere that is best listened to on a decent set of headphones that you can lose yourself in. Whilst you may not get the album straight away, it will stay with you for weeks to come and you'll be swept up in its charm.


by Dan hmv Cardiff