by Jamiroquai

Released on (P) 2017 Jamiroquai Limited, under exclusive licence to Virgin EMI Records, a division of Universal

"Having been off the radar for 6 years, JK and his impressive hat collection are back with a new album. There's something about Jamiroquai's music that gets people moving - only the other week we had the singles collection High Times on in the store and you could see people nodding their heads along. Automaton keeps their acid-jazz/funk sound that was so popular during the 90's, and brings it forward into 2017. The title track has serious Daft Punk vibes about it, whilst second single Cloud 9 is classic Jamiroquai that'll take you back to friday nights playing Crash Bandicoot followed by a few bottles of Hooch down the pub."

by Owen hmv Uxbridge