I Forget Where We Were

by Ben Howard

Released on Digital Distribution Qatar

With a best selling debut album and a handful of Brit Awards to boot, Devon based Ben Howard could have easily returned to the radio friendly folk-pop tunes like "Keep Your Head Up". Instead he has made one of the bravest and most surprising albums of the year so far.

The soundscape present shows a clear progression from his first effort with a real sense of maturity both lyrically and with the use of distorted electric guitars.

'End Of The Affair' almost reaches an epic 8 minutes and not one second is wasted in its duration. The song channels Foals' 'Spanish Sahara' and 'After Glow' with its calming opening building up to a thrilling breakdown which makes the hairs stand on end.

It'll be interesting to see where he now goes from this. Here's hoping that his old fans are willing to embrace his new direction as it really does expand the way he goes in the future. 

by Dan hmv Cardiff