The Physical World

by Death From Above 1979

Released on Universal Music (Pty) Ltd.

For almost a decade we demanded for more material from the Canadian dance punk duo and they denied us. So was it worth the wait? That can be confirmed with a very simple YES!!!

They pretty much follow the rule of if it ain't broke don't fix it, yet at the same time this seems to be band who have matured in their songwriting skills. Take for example 'White Is Red' which is actually the closest thing to a ballad they've ever done and the result is fantastic.

There's also the face melting bass riffs you come to expect from the crazy sporadic opening on 'Gemin'i to anthems like 'Virgins'. Each song is filled with the same sense of urgency that was present on their debut and that is only a good thing.

With the recent resurgence in rock le'ts hope they don't leave it another 10 years before their next one!

by Dan hmv Cardiff