For Crying Out Loud

by Kasabian

Released on Columbia

"The Leicester lads are back once again with their sixth full-length; For Crying Out Loud. As the old saying goes, never judge an album by it's cover. Look at Abbey Road for example, what's so good about 4 guys crossing the road? The point is, Kasabian have always been a band that like to jump out and surprise you with their music. Opening track Ill Ray (The King) immediately wriggles into your head. It gives fans the excitement and joy of a new fan favourite with the nostalgia and familiarity of previous hits such as Club Foot, Underdog and Empire. The lead single You're In Love With A Psycho kicks in with peculiar lyrics and a luscious pop hook. For a band that have headlined some of the biggest festivals in the world, sold out shows across the globe and have even cast Noel Fielding and Stephen Graham into their music videos, what more could you expect from Kasabian? This album is everything but the band maturing, slowing down or growing up. It shows that they're still having just as much as fun as they did the first time around, and you should too."

by Nick hmv York