Hesitant Alien

by Gerard Way

Released on Reprise

Former My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way makes a triumphant return as he unleashes his first solo album Hesitant Alien.

Although this album might not be what many have come to expect from Way, it is still well worth a listen!

Opening track 'The Bureau' is a trippy start, with its jagged grooves and odd lyrics, which paint a picture of dark back alley streets with the aura of impending danger.

He then launches into the critically acclaimed 'Action Cat', bringing in a feelgood party vibe, reminiscent of tracks from MCR’s Danger Days album. This is followed by 'No Shows', which has a strong Brit Pop influence, with the twang of Blur, Pulp and Oasis distinctly in there. 

Overall, Hesitant Alien is a fantastic new step in Gerard’s career. This will open new doors and proves to the world that he is not just a two-dimensional, genre-bound artist.

by Luke hmv London