by Kasabian

Released on Columbia

Marking 10 years since their first release, 48:13 is Kasabian’s fifth album which is an incomparable mixture of infectious beats, a wealth of electro and a measure of sing-along lyrics. 

There are extreme changes in tempo throughout, starting heavy with ’Bumblebeee’ to grab your attention in a boisterous opening track. 

Next to this sits a number of crowd pleasers (‘Treat’ and first single ‘Eez-eh’) which are impossible not to chant along to. 

There is also seriousness – ‘Stevie’, ‘Glass’ and ‘Bow’ – which make this a wholesome and enjoyable album from start to finish. 

In total, the album takes the best elements from the previous records whilst remaining undeniably unique - this is fast becoming our favourite!

by Daryl hmv Solihull