by Manic Street Preachers

Released on Columbia

Futurology is exactly what we weren’t expecting.  The Welsh trio drew in a deep breath with Rewind the Film, the retired, almost defeated sounding acoustic companion to this, the twelfth album.  

Recorded in Berlin on an overdose of Krafwerk and Neu!, songs like 'Europa Geht Durch Mich' and 'Let’s Go to War' are electric battle cries mixing stark 80s synth and contemporary outrage that should sound incredible live.

'Dreaming a City (Hugheskova)' and 'Mayakovsky' are spectacular instrumentals featuring scintillating guitar work.

Futurology is the Manic’s fresh plea for a complacent generation to participate in its very existence.  Relevant and pure art from a fearless band still leading by example.

by Shayne hmv Plymouth