Sunbathing Animal

by Parquet Courts

Released on Rough Trade

New York-based Parquet Courts’ debut, American Specialties, saw limited reception. In the three years since, the band have coined a meaty, full-frontal sound of melodic guitar rhythms and near-spoken-word vocals, reminiscent of Gang of Four’s Solid Gold and Pavement’s Wowee Zowee.

Their latest album, sparkling grower Sunbathing Animal, is their most complete, mature release yet.

Once its few, more pop-accessible singles sink in, including “Instant Disassembly” and “She’s Rollin”, the more challenging Fugazi-esque eye-bleeders welcome on re-listening with snapping strings.

Sunbathing Animal is one of the most exciting rock albums post-2010.

by Sam hmv Colchester