by Pulled Apart By Horses

Released on Best Of The Best

Known for being one of Britain's hardest working bands and explosive live acts, it was probably good that they took a rest! After making two of the most in your face, blistering rock records of the past couple of years they come back with their third, reinvigorated and more mature but still with one hell of a punch.

On what is probably their most accessible outing to date, their chaotic rock sound has been refined to create some wonderful rock anthems. The mid album trio of 'Hello Men', 'Skull Noir' and the Pixies influenced 'Grim Deal' are particular highlights on an album filled with stand out tracks.

There has always been that vibe with PABH that they can appeal to a larger fan base outside of the underground scene. With the resurgence of rock music in the charts right now, hopefully now is the time for them to properly break the mainstream.

by Dan hmv Cardiff