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Steve Aoki opens up about his "bright, positive" Neon Future
by James
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Steve Aoki opens up about his "bright, positive" Neon Future

Most interviews are pretty standard affairs, whether it's a quick chat on the phone, before a gig or at a press junket, but Steve Aoki has always been one to do things a little diferently, so when the stadium-filling DJ decided to invite us to The Savoy for afternoon tea to sample some of his very own cupcakes, how could we refuse?

We sat down with Steve to talk about the ideas behind his new project, Neon Future, a two-part album inspired by futurism and science-fiction, the first part of which drops onto the shelves this week (November 17th).

Steve spoke to us about the inspiration behind Neon Future I, his 18-week stint at Ibiza's legendary nightclub Pacha, and why he's been interviewing the likes of Marvel legend Stan Lee, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and Google's artificial intelligence mastermind Ray Kurzweil. 


You can watch the interview below: 

Neon Future I
Neon Future I Steve Aoki

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