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Stone Sour talk new live album Hello You B**tards and their future plans
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Stone Sour talk new live album Hello You B**tards and their future plans

With frontman Corey Taylor currently engaged in a gruelling world tour with Slipknot, Stone Sour are currently on hiatus. But that hasn't stopped them celebrating the tour they did in support of 2017's Hydrograd with a new live album, colourfully titled Hello, You B**tards. 

We spoke to the band's Josh Rand about making the live collection and their plans for the future...


Why did you decide the time was right to do a live album? 

"It just seemed it was long overdue. We're coming up on nearly 20 years of the band and we had yet to put out a live record. We do not play to backing tracks or a click track so there is a different energy hearing these songs live."

When did you decide that the Grand Sierra Theatre in Reno was the right place to capture the performance? 
"Well, we really didn't know we were recording that show! It was a test run for our sound engineer on the recording equipment. Seems like since no one in the band knew we were recording and not having that pressure we were able to capture a great performance by everyone. It's 100 percent live, no overdubs."

Hello, You B***ards is quite the title. When did you decide that was the right one? 
"That was the intro to our last studio record, so it just made sense to us to have it be the title for the live record."
How do you look back on the last tour? 
"The venues seem to be getting bigger and bigger. I look back as it being very successful. You can't complain if you can tour the world for 16 months on a record."

How is work on the follow-up to Hydrograd going? Have you been able to make a start? 
"I can't speak for everyone as we all write individually. But as of right now, I have seven songs demoed."
Do you have any idea of how you want to do things differently next time? 
"Yes, but it's more in the process of making the record than the music itself. When the time comes we will sit down and evaluate everything and make any adjustments that need to be made."

Do you have any expectations on when you can expect Corey to return from Slipknot duty? 
"I don't. As of right now, the band is on hiatus with no timetable for a return."

What have the rest of you been up to in the meantime? 
"In our downtime, we all collectively play music, create, and focus on time with our families."

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