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Taylor Swift’s Lover - What You Need To Know
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Taylor Swift’s Lover - What You Need To Know

One of the year’s biggest albums hit shelves today. Taylor Swift, filler of football stadiums, maker of hundreds of daily headlines and seller of many, many records. Her new album Lover arrives in stores today (August 23rd) and here is everything you need to know about it...


A little background…

Things are a little different for Swift as she begins this new cycle promoting Lover, which is her seventh record. Firstly, she has a new home. Not a totally new home, but perhaps a different apartment in the same block. She has left Big Machine, her record label and home since the age of 15, and has signed with Republic Records. Although, Big Machine’s distribution went through Universal Music, the same parent company as Republic Records, so it’s not a complete change of scene. 

Secondly, she comes into this album of the back of her first big film role, taking the part of  Bombalurina in the movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Cats. Perhaps all that joyful noise has fed into the making of new album Lover...


Who’s producing it?

Jack Antonoff, Swift’s regular partner in crime, is back again. Joel Little, the man who has helped Lorde with so much of her career, is also a key part of the record. 


Any special guests?

Panic! At The Disco mainman Brendon Urie guests on lead-off single ‘Me!’, while all-conquering country trio The Dixie Chicks feature on ‘Soon You’ll Feel Better’. 


What does it sound like?

2017’s reputation was an icy record. It was dark, it was introspective and it was standoffish. Musically, it was built around synths and stark sonics. Lover, in contrast, is warmer, colourful and big-hearted. 

It moves away from reputation’s sonics and embraces the joyful production Swift showed off on Red and parts of 1989. That doesn’t mean it heralds a return to the country on which the singer built her career, this is still synth-led pop, just with happier flourishes and a sunnier feel. 


Does it deliver?

If reputation left you cold, then Lover should warm you right back up. Or, if you’ve been enjoying Swift’s evolution as a singer and songwriter, then this is another sparky chapter. Just don’t expect her to go back to country music…


Lover is available in hmv stores now

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