What You Need To Know - November 10, 2017

Taylor Swift’s Reputation - What You Need To Know
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Taylor Swift’s Reputation - What You Need To Know

In a year filled with many big pop events, today might be the biggest with the release of Taylor Swift’s much-talked-about and much awaited new album Reputation. Here is everything you need to know about it...


A little background…

For the first eight years of her career, you could mark your calendars by Taylor Swift’s albums. Her first five LPs arrived at precise two-year intervals, four of them dropping in October, one sneaking out in early November, a tradition she’s kept for this new album, but with an extra year to get everything together.

That said, when you’ve been working relentlessly since the age of 14, at some point you do need a little break, especially after a gruelling world tour that took in 85 shows and four continents. Swift took that break for a big chunk of 2016, reappearing briefly earlier this year to duet with Zayn Malik for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack before returning to the studio, where she has spent most of the year, quietly.

The campaign for this album has been a little different. There were no updates from the studio, Swift even went as far as clearing her social media accounts before release and has given no interviews about how this album came together and what it means to her. Guess we’ll just have to listen to the thing...


Who’s producing it?

She’s called in the heavyweights once again. The ever-present Max Martin is a key contributor, while Bleachers man Jack Antonoff and Swedish genius Shellback are among those back in the game. Swift herself has acted as executive producer.


Any special guests?

Just the two. Swift’s friend and frequent collaborator Ed Sheeran and rapper Future both help her out on the album’s second track ‘End Game’.


What does it sound like?

Anyone hoping for a return to the homespun country warmth of Swift’s earlier output is going to be seriously disappointed. A large chunk of the production is icy cold this time around, harsh electronics and crisp beats taking centre stage. Even the sweeter, lighter moments owe more to tropical house than they do to Tim McGraw or Sheryl Crow. This is an album crafted in the image of pop in 2017, a long way from the country-pop of her early albums.


Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation is out now and available here in hmv’s online store.

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