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“Together all these songs weave a web of weirdness” - talks to The Big Moon
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“Together all these songs weave a web of weirdness” - talks to The Big Moon

The build-up to London foursome The Big Moon’s debut album has been a long one. First formed in 2014 they’ve been releasing hazey, slacker pop rock singles steadily for the last 18 months, each better than the last.

Their full-length debut Love In The 4th Dimension finally arrives today (You can preview and purchase it on the right-hand side of the page) and we spoke to the band to find out how they managed to get the album recorded in just 12 days...


How did the experience of making the album compare to your expectations?

Celia Archer (bassist): “After we finished recording it we didn’t listen to it for a really long time, we needed to keep some of the magic, all you can hear is your mistakes, we’ve just started listening to it again.”

Fern Ford (drums): “We did it in 12 days after a little bit of pre-production, which doesn't sound like, and isn’t, a lot of time, but we knew that going in. We were very organised and planned everything. It should have been a really stressful process, but it wasn’t.”


How did you manage to get it done in that time? You must have had to move quickly between songs?

Celia: “That’s true and it worked well. Ever since we started this band we’ve always been good at making decisions together and that really showed. We didn’t want to labour over everything, that’s not to say we didn’t take care, but we’ve been playing these songs live for a long time and we’d planned properly.”


You did the record with Catherine Marks, what did she give you as a producer?

Fern: “She’s very reassuring. I don’t think she works with bands she doesn’t connect with and really get. She was really good at making us feel comfortable as well as pushing you as a player, she tricks you into playing better, I’m not quite sure how, it’s a weird thing.”

Celia: “Before we met her we were quite cocky, we didn’t think we needed a producer at all. Then we did ‘Cupid’ with her and it was just ‘Wow, this sounds great’. So we didn’t let her go after that.”


How would you sum up the album lyrically? Is every song different? Or is there a theme?

Celia: “Every song is its own world, love is across it all, that’s a theme that runs through all of it, but they’re their own little places within Jules’ (singer Juliette Jackson) brain. You take them out and they stand up on their own, but together all these songs weave a web of weirdness. Jules is quite weird and her songs are a wild ride.”


When did you settle on the title of Love In The 4th Dimension? Was it a hard decision?

Fern: “It was a proper eureka moment. When it came up I just thought it encapsulated our sound so well.”

Celia: “As soon as Jules said it to me, I knew it was right, it just fitted really well.”


What have you got lined up when it comes to taking the album out live?

Fern: “It’s filling up, we’re busy, which is comforting. The whole of our summer is gone. It’s going to be a lot of festivals, which should be fun.”

Celia: “You’ll see us frolicking in various fields, right throughout the summer…”

The Big Moon’s debut album Love In The 4th Dimension is out now and available here in hmv’s online store.

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