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The CIA deny knowing the whereabouts of Tupac
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The CIA deny knowing the whereabouts of Tupac

The CIA has confirmed that it has no idea where rapper Tupac Shakur is.

The US's leading intelligence agency made the bizarre revelation during a light-hearted Q&A with followers that celebrated the agency's first month on Twitter. 

To mark their first month on the social network, the agency vowed to answer the five most frequently asked questions they get sent from the public, which included questions about whether they had any jobs going, if they know Twitter passwords and if they know where the rapper is. Despite his death in 1996, the internet still remains rife with rumours about his death and wild theories that he lives a quiet existence in New Zealand. 

Earlier this month, a new musical based on the lyrics of Tupac opened in New York, the play, which is titled Holler If Ya Hear Me, stars rapper/beat poet Saul Williams and is playing at New York's Palace Theatre. 

The Great 2Pac
The Great 2Pac Tupac

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