November 6, 2013

The Killers’ Direct Hits – What you can expect from it…
by Tom
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The Killers’ Direct Hits – What you can expect from it…

The Killers have come a long way since they first made their way over to the UK on September 16 2003 to headline London’s 150-capacity Dublin Castle. Support tours with British Sea Power and Stellastarr* (remember them?) followed, but it wasn’t long before they were filling huge venues on their own terms.

They’ve sold over 10 million albums across the world, headlined just about every major festival across Europe and even topped the bill at Wembley Stadium, which they did earlier this year.

To cap off an extremely successful 10 years, the band are releasing their first ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation Direct Hits on Monday (November 11). But is it worth investing in? Here’s what we think:


Don’t I own most of these songs already?

There’s a good chance you do, the compilation contains four tracks from the band’s big-selling debut Hot Fuss, obviously including 'Somebody Told Me' and 'Mr. Brightside'. But, if you’ve not kept up with the band, then it’s a good chance to grab all the best bits from their later records.

Tracks like ‘Runaways’, ‘Spaceman’ and ‘Dustland Fairytale’ are as good as anything on the band’s debut record and are well worth having in your collection. 

Battle Born
Battle Born The Killers

Are there any new songs?

There are two. The first is named ‘Shot At The Night’ and it’s been produced by M83 main man Anthony Gonzalez, someone who the band have wanted to work with for some time.

Speaking about working with Gonzalez, singer Brandon Flowers said: ‘’He's one of these new school producers. He's a technical wizard, but you can't discount his musicality. A lot of people do, because of the involvement of computers, but he's a real musician, too. He and Stuart Price may be known for working on the digital side of things, but they're also two of the most musical guys I've ever met’’.

‘Shot At The Night’ does have the feel of an M83 track, constructed around a spacey, nagging keyboard riff with the same wide-eyed wonder that many of Gonzalez’s own tracks have.

The other new song is titled ‘Just Another Girl’, which has been produced by Stuart Price, who has worked with the band on both Battle Born and Day & Age.

This track has the same feel as the many of the cuts from Battle Born with a real dust in the throat, road weary sensibility and a slow building verse that eventually grows into a swelling, Springsteen-esque chorus.

There’s also a Calvin Harris remix of the band’s hit ‘When You Were Young’, which somehow manages to make an enormous stadium rocker into an even bigger dancefloor filler.

What does this mean for the band? Are they splitting?

That’s unlikely, but it may well mean another hiatus for the Nevada rockers. Last time, the band parted ways for a year and a half, during which time each of the members embarked on solo projects.

Brandon Flowers has hinted that he fancies the idea of making another solo record and the others are likely to follow suit.

What is certainly true though is that the band needs a break. Bassist Mark Stoermer missed a large chunk of the band’s Asian tour with a back problem while guitarist Dave Keuning has recently been quoted as saying he is sick of touring.

None of the band members have talked about splitting, but it’s likely to be at least two years before we hear from The Killers again.


So is worth investing in?

On balance yes. Four albums in is a nice time to celebrate what's gone before and prepare everyone for the next chapter in a band's career. This will serve as a nice introduction for newcomers and a great bookend for diehard fans. 


The Killers’ ‘Direct Hits’ is released on Monday (November 11).

The Killers - 'Shot At The Night'

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