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The Shires open up about working in Nashville and their plans for a huge UK tour
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The Shires open up about working in Nashville and their plans for a huge UK tour

Country-pop duo The Shires return with their brand new album, Good Years, this week. 

Good Years is the band's fourth album and it arrives in stores today (March 13th). 

Speaking to about making the record, which the pair made in Nashville, singer/guitarist Ben Earl opened up about their time in the city. 

"It's become our second home now. When we first went, we had this dream of going to Nashville, it was this crazy Disneyland thing, but now we know it well. It's a work-hard, party-hand town. But we know how to buckle down and make a record, we're really proud of this one."

The band will celebrate the album with a huge UK tour that will take in more than 20 shows. Speaking about their live plans, Earl added: 

"A lot of acts are very London, Glasgow, Manchester centric and you've got to remember that most of your fans are outside of those spots. Going to places that other bands don't go is always so rewarding because the fans are so appreciative.

He continued: "We started in these tiny venues in front of a few people and those people are still with us now. We can't wait to get out there."

The Shires' new album Good Years is out now in hmv stores. 

The band were talking on hmv's My Inspiration Podcast, with the full episode being released later this month. 

To check out previous episodes of the podcast, click here. 

Good Years
Good Years The Shires

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