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We talk to The Vamps about their new album Night & Day...
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We talk to The Vamps about their new album Night & Day...

Their first two albums have taken them into arenas and to the very top of the charts right around the world, but pop rockers The Vamps are trying something very different for their third studio album.

Released in two parts, Night & Day is a double album, one of darker tracks, the Night edition, and the other of lighter moments, the Day edition.

As the first part of the double act comes to shelves, we spoke to the band about how they made the album…


Where did the idea for the Night & Day concept come from?

Brad (Simpson, Vocals/Guitar): “The past two albums we’ve done we’ve written about 40 or 50 songs and then cut down massively, so we were losing quite a lot of songs, songs that were personal and we’d like to get them out there. So for this album, we decided to do a two-part thing and release more music. We also liked the idea of a concept, one album that was a bit more sultry and the other that was a bit more organic and uplifting, it was great to write with an end goal in mind.”


Did you still write a lot of songs for the albums?

Brad: “Yeah we still wrote a lot, but it was a more concise process. We’d get all the way along with a song before and then decide it wasn’t right, whereas this time we were able to discard the ones that didn’t fit the concept at a much earlier stage. We knew which songs had potential and which didn’t.”


Was the album recorded in one place? Or a few different ones?

Tristan (Evans, Drums/Vocals): “All over the place. London, Los Angeles, New York, Sweden, Barbados, Bath, Birmingham, it’s been everywhere this album!”


Is that different producers? Or a change of scene?

Brad: “Different producers. We actually did two tracks ourselves up in Birmingham this time, that was great, but mostly just working with different people.”


Is recording with lots of different people the way you work best?

Tristan: “Definitely. Working with Matoma this time, who’s a very different producer from the ones we’ve worked with before. We did ‘All Night’ with him and we had such a great experience. It opened us up to new elements.”

Brad: “I think we’d become stagnant if we did a whole album with the same people. I know doing things that way works for other artists, but not for us, we draw on a lot of influences and we like taking things from different producers and moving on quickly. Mixing things up is our favourite thing.”


Do you feel like you’re more in control of your sound on this album?

Brad: “I feel like we’ve always had that. Maybe more on this album, we’ve self-produced for the first time, we’ve definitely got more faith in ourselves now and we know what we want. Now we can sit down with a producer, boot him out the way of the computer and get the track the way we want it.”


How easy was it to decide what tracks ended up on which of the albums?

Connor (Ball, Bass/Vocals): “No one argued about any of the tracks. It was quite easy with the Night and Day themes to see what fitted."


Were there any songs that were a bit dusky?

Connor: “There are a few yeah, but they’ve ended up on this album.”


What kind of album do you think this is lyrically?

Brad: “It’s a very romantic album. It’s all about falling in and out of love. It’s a very honest album, very real, much more conversational. We’re just trying to relate to people, trying to make sure they know it comes from a very real place. You don’t have to be the most poetic of writers for songs to work, you take someone like Ed Sheeran, his words work because they feel like conversations you’ve had, that’s definitely something we’ve taken account of.”


You must be looking to taking these songs out live again?

Tristan: “We are. It’ll be fantastic. We like to rock it up with our live shows. After we’ve done our acoustic shows we’ll be looking at arenas again and making the new songs as big as they could be.”


Are you eyeing up any new places to take your music on this run of touring?

Brad: “We’re off to New Zealand and South Africa, looking forward to those."

Conor: “Taipei. I don’t even know where that is, but that’s where we’re going.”

Brad: “We’ve been pretty lucky to see a lot of the world, but we’ve got lots and lots of places we want to go back to.”


Finally, we’ve got you in for some hmv signings this week, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever signed?

Tristan: “It’s still weird when someone comes up to you with a piece of paper and says ‘Can you sign this? I’m going to get it tattooed’. Your handwriting on someone’s arm is always odd.”


Is there anything you wouldn’t sign?

Brad: “We won’t sign body parts. Just in case…”


The Vamps’ new album Night & Day is out now and available to purchase here in hmv’s online store.

The band will be meeting fans and signing copies of the album at four hmv stores next week. Click here for full details.

Night & Day (Brad)
Night & Day (Brad) The Vamps

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