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The Vamps start UK arena tour and reveal some new album news
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The Vamps start UK arena tour and reveal some new album news

The Vamps’ frontman Brad Simpson has revealed he and his band mates are making a follow-up debut album Meet The Vamps (2014). The boys are "three quarters" of their way through a new album that promises a "trippy / 80s" edge with some "MGMT-style synths".

When asked about the progress of their second LP, Brad said: “It's still very band-y, but less folky than our debut. "It's a bit trippy, a bit 80s, with some MGMT-style synths."

The pop band, which also consists of Connor Ball, Tristan Evans and James McVey, also shared how they prepare for a live band – they blare out music by metal group Slipknot in their dressing room to get pumped up. Simpson spoke on the topic and said: "James Bay, Imagine Dragons, Slipknot ... It's all pretty extreme." And apparently the boys have vowed to make music until they’re ‘old, saggy and wrinkly’. Something to look forward to.

The Vamps kick off on their UK arena tour this Friday (April 14) at the Glasgow Hydro Arena. Here’s a snippet of what to expect from their arena tour…


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