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The Vamps’ Wake Up - What You Need To Know
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The Vamps’ Wake Up - What You Need To Know

The Vamps return with their second album Wake Up on Friday and here is everything you need to know about it...


A little background…

It’s only been 18 months since The Vamps unleashed their debut album Meet The Vamps and they’ve been very busy in the time in between. As well as writing and recording this new album, they’ve toured the world, made serious inroads in America and even found time to film an appearance in Hollyoaks!


Any Special Guests?

Just one, more on that below..

Wake Up
Wake Up The Vamps

What Does It Sound Like?

If you liked their debut then you’ll know what you’re in for here. This is slick pop rock, larger than life and very, very shiny, it’s like Meet The Vamps, but on steroids.

That’s not to say they haven’t tried new things though, opener ‘Rest Your Love’ has a rollicking, almost Mumford & Sons like vibe, while ‘I Found A Girl’ is built round Halcyon era Ellie Goulding style electronics and ‘Volcano’ is a proper, thundering, Ella Henderson esque ballad with a guest appearance from rapper Silento...


Does It Deliver?

Big choruses, driving melodies, this is the sound of a band really going for it, a push for super stardom and to stay arena fillers.



The Vamps’ new album Wake Up is out on Friday.

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