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"We felt extremely comfortable exploring unknown territories..." - talks to Warpaint
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"We felt extremely comfortable exploring unknown territories..." - talks to Warpaint

After finishing their touring commitments in support of their 2014 self-titled album the four members of Warpaint decided it was time to try other things. Bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg released her first solo album, while the other three members of the band collaborated artists ranging from Hot Chip to Kurt Vile, a diversion that was expected to delay the arrival of the next Warpaint album for a while at least.

As it turned out that was not the case, the psychedelic pop troupe return today with a brand new album named Heads Up (you can preview and purchase it on the right-hand side of the page) and we spoke to Lindberg to find out all about how it came together...


How did writing and record this album compare to your self-titled album?

"We started writing and preparing for Warpaint about a year or more before we actually went into the studio. We had more time to change our minds and give into indecision, so this time around we had to trust our instinct and just go with it! It was such a great exercise and we felt extremely comfortable exploring unknown territories, which happened plenty on this record. A lot of the tracks were recorded in the studio, on the spot..."

You’ve come to this album after spending some time doing separate projects, how did that affect the writing process?

"It's always great to get another perspective, to step outside and see how one flourishes individually. We wanted to explore and express ourselves and it was so dang liberating. The ability to have a vision and see it through until it's executed exactly as you want it. It's such a wonderful tool to have when working in a group. After time of working on my own, it was a real treat to come back on and collaborate with the girls."


It was four years between your first album and the second, were you all keen to follow it up quickly? Or did it come together naturally?

"We all knew we wanted to take a little time, but we also discussed not taking too much time, so we gave ourselves a tentative date and oddly, we stuck to it!"


You worked with Jacob Bercovici on this album, why did you decide to go with him and what was he like as a producer?

"He's one of our best friends. Super creative, patient, maybe the funniest person alive, and super understanding of our process. He's been there since the beginning. I think it was important that we either produce the record ourselves, or work with someone that would allow us to see things through creatively, yet make sure with didn't lose the plot along the way. It felt like a no brainier to ask him."


What was the song on the album that took the longest to get right?

"During the duration of recording, which was about 5 months, I'd say 'Above Control' was one of the most challenging. Emily had brought that demo in, nearly done and we spent a little too long trying to chase the demo. In the end we decided to approach it slightly different, but we didn't decide that until the second to last day in the studio, after that it came together rather quickly."


And which came together most quickly?

"I would say 'The Stall'. On each track I think everyone took turns as far as challenges go and this song came together in basically a day. Of course there were additions made periodically throughout, but the core was almost instantaneous."

What kind of album this is lyrically? Does it have a common theme?

"I'd say self discovery, togetherness, letting go, love and some more some girly shit."


When did you settle on the title of Heads Up? Were there any others in contention?

"We went down the list of song titles and it's always really easy for us to choose those and we're usually quite happy with them, but this time we were having a little difficulty deciding what the album would be called. By Your Side was in contention, but it was already taken by another band and Heads Up was next on the list. It felt cohesive with the overall message in each song, we're focused on being positive and forward motion from here on out."


What are your plans to take the album out live?

"We always try to play everything ourselves and sometimes even transpose keys to guitar. As long as the energy is there and were enjoying ourselves and the sound, we're all good."


Warpaint's new album Heads Up is out now and available to order here in hmv's online store. 

Heads Up
Heads Up Warpaint

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