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Watch: Ben Folds live in session @ 363 Oxford Street
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Watch: Ben Folds live in session @ 363 Oxford Street

Ever since he first burst onto the scene as the frontman of Ben Folds Five during the mid-1990s, Ben Folds has always done things a little differently, a theme he has continued into his solo career; in addition to his three 'regular' solo albums since his band's initial split, he's also released an a capella album, produced another by Star Trek legend William Shatner and even co-written an LP with High Fidelity and Fever Pitch author Nick Hornby.

For his latest album So There, released in the UK on CD on Friday September 11th (a vinyl release will follow on September 25th), he's written what Hornby might describe as an album of two halves. One is a 20 minute piano concerto recorded with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, while the other comprises eight songs that Folds describes as "chamber rock", written and recorded in collaboration with New York ensemble yMusic.

On a recent visit to the UK for two shows in Glasgow and at London's Symphony Hall, Ben dropped into our store on London's Oxford Street and very kindly agreed to record an exclusive session for us featuring tracks from the new album.


Check out the videos below!


'Phone in a Pool' (Live in session @ 363 Oxford Street)


'So There' (Live in session @ 363 Oxford Street)



You can also find more from Ben's back catalogue in our download store

So There
So There Ben Folds

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