November 19, 2013

We Are The In Crowd open up about their new album…
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We Are The In Crowd open up about their new album…

We Are The In Crowd singer Tay Jardine popped over to the UK this weekend to perform a guest spot with Yellowcard at the Vans Warped Tour at Alexandra Palace.

Before she stepped onstage to sing we grabbed a word with her to find out all about the band’s new album, which is due out in early 2014.


So the follow-up to Best Intentions is done, can you tell us what it’s going to be called?

I can’t yet, sorry, we’re not quite there yet. We need to get a release date locked down. It’s something I’ve always wanted to put out, it’s a record that shows the band we’ve become over the last two years. I love it. I know I’m supposed to love it, but I really really do.


How does it move on from Best Intentions? Is it a very different record?

I don’t think it’s a very different record in terms of how we sound, but it shows how we’ve developed as a band and how far we’ve come.


You worked with John Feldmann, who’s worked with the likes of All Time Low, The Used and Panic! At The Disco, what was he like to work with?

It was awesome. Before we even choose who we wanted to work with, we knew that it had to be someone who would push our limits and create a new identity for us. We felt like we were capable of so much more and we needed someone to bring it out of us.


Did you consider anyone else?

We did phone interviews with a bunch of different producers over the phone and John was just so excited about it. I think that was why I initially wanted to do it with him; he just seemed so excited about working with us.


He’s famous for really working bands hard, did he push you?

He really pushed me, especially with my lyrics. He’d always say to me ‘Well you told me this happened to you, why aren’t you saying that in the song?’ I think I felt a bit timid in the past and shy about my words, but he got it out of me.

So what’s this album about lyrically? Is it a personal record?

Yes, it is a very very personal record, but not just to me. There are a couple of songs on there that are very very personal to me and cover some difficult moments in my life, but there are songs too that are about the band.

We released our first single ‘Attention’ in August, which actually is on the record and that’s just about us being freaks and weirdoes. A lot of the record feels like it’s about not being afraid to change.


Are there any special guests on the album?

No, not this time. We thought about it, but we really wanted this record to just be us and to really show people who we are.


You toured pretty extensively in support of your debut, will you be doing the same again for this one?

Absolutely. I hope this record takes us even further and all over the world again on an even bigger journey.


Finally, when will we see you back in the UK?

Very soon. Literally as soon as the album drops we’ll be back over here.


You can hear We Are The In Crowd’s new single ‘Attention’ below.

We Are The In Crowd - Attention

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