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What are Calvin Harris's 10 best moments?
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What are Calvin Harris's 10 best moments?

Calvin Harris (or Adam Wiles as he’s known to his mum and dad) is on the crest of a wave right now. He made $40 million last year, making him the highest earning DJ on the planet at the tender age of 30. He’s about to put out his fourth album Motion, an album which features the likes of Haim, Gwen Stefani, Ellie Goulding and Big Sean on vocals, proving that his pulling power has never been higher.

To celebrate the release of Motion, we’ve decided to pick out Calvin Harris’ 10 best moments, although we have left out the time he invaded the stage with a pineapple on his head while Jedward were performing…


10. ‘Sweet Nothing’

Harris’s 2012 album 18 Months was wall to wall hits, but this collaboration with Florence Welch was one of the best…


9. ‘When You Were Young’ (Calvin Harris remix)

Harris and American arena rockers The Killers don’t seem the most natural bedfellows, but his reworking of ‘When You Were Young’ really soars.


8. ‘Acceptable In The 80s’

Back in 2007, Harris arrived with his debut album I Created Disco as a far less polished, kookier artist. Full of lo-fi synths and electroclash, it harked back to the 1960s, it’s wonky, but it still sounds great.


7. ‘Summer’

This was Harris’s first preview of Motion and it’s a monster.


6. ‘Bounce’

Another cut from 18 Months, this one has Kelis on lead vocals. It builds, and it builds, and it builds, and then... go!


5. ‘Dance Wiv Me’

Calvin Harris doesn’t often sing on his own tracks anymore, let alone other people’s, but he did back in 2009, lending his tones to the rapper’s single ‘Dance Wiv Me’. As well as seeing Harris sing the inspired couplet “If I'm out on my own, then I can look at you looking at me, If I'm out on a date then I just shut my eyes, then I can't see”, this song is also accompanied by a genius video…


4. ‘Spectrum’

Florence And The Machine’s ‘Spectrum’ was one of the finest cuts on her 2011 album Ceremonials, but it wouldn’t have ended up as a Number One single without Harris’s remixing skills.

Taking Welch’s powerhouse lungs and sticking them over a big bouncy beat, it went straight to the top of the charts and cemented Harris’s reputation as a hitmaker supreme.


3. ‘Call My Name’

When Cheryl (once Cole, once Tweedy, now Fernandez-Versini) wanted a real banger for her 2012 comeback album A Million Lights, Harris was on hand to provide one. Built around a classic electro loop that sounds like it’s been soaked in day-glo paint, this went straight to Number One on its release.


2. ‘I’m Not Alone’

Although it came out a full two years before Harris’s career really took off, this track hinted at the kind of clubby pop cuts he was capable of. A slow intro gives way to a skyscraper sized electro hook and one almighty drop.


1. ‘We Found Love’

It’s hard to exactly trace back when Harris stopped being a quirky dance-pop singer and became a global megastar, but it all started after the release of this track. Put out in 2011 as the lead-off single to Rihanna’s Talk That Talk about, this is Calvin Harris at his absolute best.

Three minutes, 35 seconds and seven million downloads later, Harris was the producer every singer on the planet wanted to work with. And, three years later on, he still is…


Calvin Harris's new album Motion is released on Monday November 3rd. It can pre-ordered in store now. 

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