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What are the best Christmas music videos?
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What are the best Christmas music videos?

Every year as the holiday season approaches, Christmas songs fill the airwaves, the TV and even the high street shops, but what about the videos for these festive favourites? Don't they deserve a little love too?

We've picked ten of our favourite Christmas-themed music videos to get you in the mood and keep you chuckling right through to Boxing Day.

(Be warned though, some of these are NSFW...)


10. Run DMC – 'Christmas in Hollis'

The hip-hop pioneers from New York delivered this homage to their neighbourhood in Queens as part of the 1996 A&M Records compilation A Very Special Christmas, a fundraiser for the Special Olympics, and it's accompanying video comes courtesy of Michael Holman, the man behind Graffiti Rocks! It's heaps of fun...



9. Mel Smith & Kim Wilde – 'Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree'

Released in 1987 as a fundraiser for Comic Relief, the odd couple of 80s pop star Kim Wilde and comedian Mel Smith apply a comedy touch to Brenda Lee's festive staple, and the accompanying video features all the silliness you'd expect. Yes, it's totally daft, but it's great fun.



8. Snoop Dogg – 'Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto'

OK, the video for Snoop's contribution to the 1996 Death Row Records compilation is pretty much the same as most of his videos, but just for his Santa outfit he makes it to the list.



7. Weird Al Yankovich – 'The Night Santa Went Crazy'

We just had to feature Weird Al on this list somewhere and this festive number has been given a funny – if slightly disturbing – animated video courtesy of Dylan Moore. Loosely based on Soul Asylum's 'Black Gold', this oddball festive number sees Father Christmas finally snap under the pressure of delivering all those presents.



6. Kate Nash – 'I Hate You This Christmas'

Kate Nash not only delivered on of our favourite festive songs in 2013, she also accompanied it with a great video. Beginning with the singer-songwriter doing the walk of shame in the snow, it's a tale of disastrous Christmas romance and infidelity. No, that isn't really in the spirit of Christmas, but when it's this good who cares?



5. The Darkness – 'Christmas Time (Don't let the Bells End)'

Glam-rock revivalists The Darkness were never ones to hide their theatricality and this video for their innuendo-packed 2003 festive single is just as funny. We love the idea that frontman Justin Hawkins' idea of cosy Christmas attire is a pair of white lace-up leather trousers, but what else would you expect from one of the most flamboyant bands the 2000s had to offer?



4. Mark Hoppus & Ben Folds – 'Happy Holidays, You B*stard'

Remember when we said that some of these videos were not suitable for work? Well, we weren't kidding, and this short but sweet rendition of Blink 182's 'Happy Holidays, You B*stard' sees Mark Hoppus giving the song a stripped-back reworking, accompanied on the piano by none other than Ben Folds.


3. Monty Python – 'Christmas in Heaven'

This isn't technically a music video in the traditional sense, instead it's a section from Monty Python's 1983 film The Meaning Of Life, featuring the musical number 'Christmas in Heaven', but we've included it on the basis that it's hilarious and features angels wearing comedy breasts. You're welcome.



2. Run The Jewels – 'A Christmas F*cking Miracle'

In a year when El-P and Killer Mike showed everyone how to do Kickstarter, as well as how to do email marketing, they also showed everyone how a festive music video should be done. It's as weird as it is theatrical, but thanks to some awesome costumes and some Vengeance Dad meme-aping, it's also really funny. The song isn't bad either...



1. The Lonely Island – 'D*ck in a Box'

Filmed as a segment on NBC's long-running Saturday Night Live in December 2009 , The Lonely Island roped in Justin Timberlake for some festive rudeness as they helpfully suggest a gift idea for your significant other. Again, you probably shouldn't watch this at work...



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