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What are Weezer's 10 best songs?
by Tom
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What are Weezer's 10 best songs?

After a four-year absence, Weezer, the kings of pop-rock return next week with a new record titled Everything Will Be Alright In The End.

The album is the follow-up to the band’s 2010 record Hurley and has been hailed as a return to the slacker rock and huge choruses that made the foursome’s early records such a joy to listen to.

During their 22-year career, Weezer have delivered so many incredible songs, so, as a reminder and to get you excited for their new LP, we thought we’d pick out their 10 best tracks. Here goes nothing…


‘Keep Fishin’

This was the lead single from 2002’s Maladroit and is a rollicking rock song, complete with a chorus that’s catchier than a deadly cold. Also, the video has the Muppets in it, how could you possibly resist?


‘Back To The Shack’

This arrived a few weeks ago to preview Everything Will Be Alright In The End and it’s everything that’s brilliant about Weezer rolled into one song. A big arrogant guitar riff, simple lyrical rhymes and a skyscraper sized chorus. If this doesn’t get you excited for the album, then nothing will…


‘Take Control’

This gem won’t make the tracklisting of any ‘Greatest Hits’ collection, but it’s absolutely up there with the band’s best. Taken from 2002’s criminally underrated Maladroit, this is Weezer’s at their most angular and most angry, and it sounds brilliant.


‘Beverly Hills’

Every Weezer album has one whooping great pop song on it, and they don’t come much bigger than 2005’s ‘Beverly Hills’. It blasted out of radios for weeks and still absolutely slays, every time you hear it…


‘Pink Triangle’

If you want a look inside the weird psyche of Weezer’s eccentric frontman Rivers Cuomo, then this cut from Pinkerton is a pretty good one….


‘Say It Ain’t So’

Their 1994 debut album The Blue Album remains Weezer’s definitive statement, with 10 tracks, each as flawless as the last, of glorious slacker rock, fuelled equally by Nirvana and The Beach Boys.  ‘Say It Ain’t So’ is one of the album’s highpoints, a lilting song with a powerhouse chorus, it sounds as fresh as the day it hit CD shelves.


‘Buddy Holly’

The song that made so many people fall in love with Weezer back in 1994, a bright, breezy, bouncy pop track with an ever better, Happy Days inspired video. It seems extremely unlikely you won’t have heard this, but if you haven’t, get involved below…


‘Pork And Beans’

Sometimes Cuomo decides to cast aside all his hang ups and weird inclinations and just blast out a massive radio hit, which he certainly did for ‘Pork And Beans’. The first single from The Red Album, this is driving, colossal pop song, with an equally brilliant video.


‘El Scorcho’

This weird, shuffling, naval gazing track is the highlight of the band’s flawless classic Pinkerton and shows Weezer’s ability to mix odd, angular arrangements with colossal pop choruses. It’s an odd story of unrequited love and easily the best song to start with the lyrics “Goddamn you half Japanese girls…”


‘Only In Dreams’

In Weezer’s vast and incredible back catalogue this is a brilliant anomaly. Best known for their three and a half minute pop rock anthems, this closing track on their debut album clocks in at almost eight minutes, but, by god, it’s worth every second. Built around a gentle melody and beautifully clumsy bass line, it starts out as a classic Weezer with its awkward lyrics and hooky chorus, but then morphs into an elegiac instrumental crusher of a track. Glorious.


Weezer’s new album Everything Will Be Alright In The End will be released on Monday (October 6th) and is available for pre-order in hmv stores now.

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Weezer (Rarities Edition) Weezer

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