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Where To Start With… Bullet For My Valentine
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Where To Start With… Bullet For My Valentine

Welsh metallers Bullet For My Valentine have gone back to their roots on new album Venom, which hits CD shelves today (you can preview and purchase it on the right-hand side of the page).

Recorded back in the UK under the watchful eye of Colin Richardson, the man who helped the band create their first two albums, the band have been very open about the fact that they’ve gone back to the beginning and looked to capture the power and fight on their debut album The Poison. Their new LP Venom (see what they did there..) is an angry, lean and hungry metal album, full of big riffs and lyrics that are darker than ever.

They might be going back to their roots, but this is still the band’s fifth album, and if you’re new to them there’s plenty of catching up to do. Here are the five best places to start...

(You can find each of the tracks for sale in our digital store by clicking on the title). 


‘Hand Of Blood’

Taken from the band’s eponymous first EP, this was the track that marked Bullet For My Valentine out for much, much bigger things. A colossal guitar riff, pounding percussion and a massive chorus, they didn’t stay in the clubs for long.


‘Tears Don’t Fall’

The band’s full-length debut album The Poison is mostly packed with full on pacey metal anthems, but there’s also this epic banger. Slower than the band’s usual efforts, it’s underpinned by a chilling riff, but builds, slowly, to a powerhouse of a chorus and a brilliant solo.


‘Scream Aim Fire’

The title track from the band’s follow-up to The Poison embraces thrash metal and all that comes with it wholeheartedly. Relentless in its pace and fury, this ushered spearheaded the album that ushered the band from clubs and into arenas.


‘Your Betrayal’

From the moment the pounding drum intro kicks in, you know what you’re in for on this one. Taken from the band’s third record Fever, this album opener is a rousing punch to the face and it’s absolutely incredible whenever the band drop it live.



2013’s Temper Temper didn’t sit all that way well with the band’s fanbase, but it did have a few big tunes and this is the best of them.

Bullet For My Valentine’s new album Venom is released today and is available to purchase in hmv stores across the UK and here in our online store.

Venom Bullet For My Valentine

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