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Where To Start With… Chelsea Wolfe
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Where To Start With… Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe is a dark, mysterious singer-songwriter and one of the finest there is. Imagine vintage Nine Inch Nails or Ministry forced to sit a room with Bat For Lashes and you’ve got some idea of the dark majesty on show here.

Wolfe’s new album Abyss hits shelves today (August 7th) and, much like her earlier work, has a soul the colour of the darkest coffee, it broods and shape-shifts, powerful, sinister and incredibly beguiling, it’s one of the year’s finest records. It’s her fourth full-length effort, meaning if you’ve not heard of Chelsea Wolfe before, you’ve got some catching up to do. So here’s where to start with Chelsea Wolfe…


‘The Whys’

Taken from Wolfe’s 2010 debut LP The Grime And The Glow ‘The Whys’ is a discordant, scratchy shot across the bows, it owes quite a bit to Sonic Youth and even more to The Cramps, but it hints at a depth and power that was to come later.



Mer sets the tone nicely for what was to come later. Taken from her second album Apokalypsis, It doesn’t have the relentless gloom or the crunch of her more recent work, but it has the same threatening rumble and a decidedly witchy flavour that’s almost hypnotic.


‘We Hit A Wall’

Wolfe’s 2013 album Pain Is Beauty is a total masterpiece and this is one of its finest moments. A towering piano, cooing vocals and a real atmosphere of unease, it’s brilliant.


‘Feral Love’

Taken from the same album, this sums up what Wolfe can do better than any other track. Juddering beats, gloom-laden guitars and her gently witchy vocals spearheading the whole thing. It just sweeps you away.


‘Carrion Flowers’

This is from Abyss and it shows that Wolfe hasn’t made things any lighter on her new LP. Darkwave synths blast over a thumping beat with Wolfe’s voice sitting majestically on top. Like Nine Inch Nails duetting with Kate Bush, it’s a black-hearted beauty.


Chelsea Wolfe’s new album Abyss is out today and available to purchase here in our online store.

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