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Where To Start With… Jamie T
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Where To Start With… Jamie T

Jamie Alexander Treays, better known to us all as Jamie T, has had a funny old career. He began his career in the early part of noughties, gigging hard and recording a series of low-key singles and EPs before signing to Virgin Records in 2005 and finding fame seriously the following year.

A 150,000 selling debut album Panic Prevention followed in 2007 and a follow-up in 2009, but then, at the end of the tour in support of his second LP Kings & Queens, he just seemed to disappear. Nothing was heard from the singer for four years, Facebook groups were set up asking if anyone had seen him or heard anything, but it seemed like T was gone for good, right up until 2014.

Then, as if nothing had happened, he was back. Despite the five-year gap it was like he’d been gone for a week or two, his new album Carry On The Grudge wowed critics, sold handsomely and had him straight back in the upper reaches of festival bills and headlining big venues.

Clearly wanting to make up for lost time the singer hasn’t left it nearly as long this time, his new album Trick hits CD shelves today. To celebrate his return we’ve picked out T’s top five moments...



‘Salvador’ was everyone’s first introduction to Jamie T back in 2004 and immediately marked him out as one to watch. Minimally produced with T’s distinctive rasp centre stage and a ragged, but decidedly funky bassline underneath it, it’s easy to see why he immediately caught the eyes and ears of so many.


‘If You Got The Money’

The singer’s second single proper, this is a jaunty, more whimsical affair. Mixing lilting reggae with scratchy indie, it’s a delightful dittie.



T’s biggest hit, it hung around the chart for a full seven weeks and remains a staple of many an indie disco to this day. A biting look at a struggling young woman set to a swaggering beat, it’s an odd song, but one that absolutely struck a chord.


‘Sticks ‘N’ Stones’

The lead-off single from T’s second album Kings & Queens, this is a pacy, bouncy slice of pop and far less jagged than T’s other work. A different side of the singer.


‘Don’t You Find’

Arriving a full five years after Kings & Queens, the singer’s third album Carry On The Grudge was previewed by this strange brooding track. It’s weirdly hypnotic...


Jamie T’s new album Trick is out now and available to purchase here in hmv’s online store.


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Where To Start With...

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