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Where To Start With…. Laura Marling
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Where To Start With…. Laura Marling

She only turned 25 last month, but on Monday (March 23rd) Laura Marling releases her fifth studio album, that’s right five! Titled Short Movie, it is Marling’s first American adventure, recorded while she was living in Los Angeles with producer Ethan Johns. More jagged, more lucid and far more energised than Once I Was An  Eagle, Marling’s last effort, it draws her further away from the traditional folk she made her name with and into far more experimental territory.

To celebrate her return, we thought we’d celebrate her career so far, so here is where to start with Laura Marling…

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‘5 Years Time’

Before Marling flew solo, she was a member of folky upstarts Noah And The Whale, where she sung backing vocals and added harmonies with then boyfriend Charlie Fink. Still far and away the band’s biggest hit, it peaked at Number Seven in the UK Singles Chart and is still gloriously catchy to this day. It also feature one of the finest bits of whistling you’re ever likely to hear…



The first track from Marling’s debut album Alas, I Cannot Swim is a lovely, little ditty, full of sweetness, tenderness and a gorgeous harmony. Written when she was just 18, this is Marling at her sunniest and warmest.


‘Young Love’

Back in 2008, Marling hooked up with eccentric indie scamps Mystery Jets to help them record their finest moment to date, the sweet, but ever so catchy ‘Young Love’. Easily the most romantic song ever written about a one-night stand and losing a girl’s phone number, it’s also a proper earworm…


‘Devil’s Spoke’

The opening salvo on Marling sophomore album I Speak Because I Can, this thigh-slapping, dark-hearted and frenetic track showed a completely different side to the singer-songwriter. The album it opens is a much richer, far more troubling and a lot bleaker than her debut. By this point, Marling was in a relationship with Marcus Mumford, frontman of Mumford & Sons, and he and his bandmates are all over the album, providing backing vocals and plenty of extra instrumental oomph.


‘You Know’

Taken from Marling’s 2013 effort Once I Was An Eagle, this cut reflects the album’s perfect mix of sweetness and doom. Marling’s vocals are lower, the drums heavier and the lyrics are far more cloaked in metaphor than ever before. Marling’s journey has seen her move from a gentle, introspective singer-songwriter to a mature, accomplished troubadour, and that’s perfectly played out here.


Laura Marling’s new album Short Movie is released on Monday (March 23rd). You can pre-order the album in hmv stores across the UK.

Once I Was An Eagle
Once I Was An Eagle Laura Marling

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