Where To Start With... - January 21, 2015

Where To Start With... Papa Roach
by Tom
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Where To Start With... Papa Roach

Of all the bands who blew up in the years when nu-metal ruled the planet, only a handful have made it out the other side. Some have fashioned lives for themselves as straight up hard rock bands, some have withered and died, others are trudging round on one long nostalgia trip; Papa Roach are one of the survivors.

The California metallers are about to drop album number eight, released with clockwork regularity exactly three years after their last album, which came out three years after the previous one. It’s called F.E.A.R, which stands for Face Everything And Rise, it’s produced by Kane and Kevin Churko and it’s a big, solid slice of hard rock.

We thought we’d celebrate their return by picking out Jacoby Shaddix (he stopped calling himself Coby Dick a long time ago…) and co’s five greatest moments. Here goes…

(Each track is available from our download store by clicking on the title). 


‘Last Resort’

This was the track that kicked it all off for the band back in 1999. Taken from their second album Infest, which would go on to shift over eight million copies, it’s a classic nu-metal track, complete with a catchy riff, a verse that’s deeply in debt to hip-hop and a walloping chorus. Go down any rock club on any given Saturday night and you’ll hear this, it’ll go down a storm too.


‘Broken Home’

Everything you need to know about nu-metal and why it became the biggest genre on the planet is captured in the three minutes and 42 seconds that make up this song. The lyrics are full of pain and alienation, the guitars grind and glimmer and the chorus is designed to be bellowed back at you in an arena full of beered up dudes.


‘Time And Time Again’

The follow-up to the hugely successful Infest Lovehatetragedy was a mixed bag, it had some big singles and still sold over three million copies, but didn’t have the punch and aggression of its predecessor. This track though is a stone cold banger.



Papa Roach do both out and out aggression and weepy ballads surprisingly well. This is their best ballad, it’s swelling and towering.


‘…To Be Loved’

There’s a good reason this acted as the theme for WWE Raw for three years, it’s a proper rousing metal anthem, with a chest thumping chorus and a chugging riff. Stick it on your gym playlist, you’ll start slamming the weights!


Papa Roach’s new album F.E.A.R is released on Monday (January 26th) and can be pre-ordered in store now.

To Be Loved: The Best Of Papa Roach
To Be Loved: The Best Of Papa Roach Papa Roach

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