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Where To Start With… Ryan Adams
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Where To Start With… Ryan Adams

Prolific alt-country superstar Ryan Adams returns this month with a new self-titled album. With such a large body of work and a tendency towards great albums as opposed to radio-friendly hits, he can be a daunting artist to dive into. So, to mark the release of Ryan Adams next week, here are five songs to start with…

(You can preview/download each of the tracks in our digital store by clicking on the title, with the exception of 'Come Pick Me Up'). 


'Come Pick Me Up'

After three albums with his cult alternative country band Whiskeytown, Adams released his debut record Heartbreaker, to critical acclaim. A loose, downbeat break-up album, ‘Come Pick Me Up’ was stand out track, with the early-Dylan like harmonica riff leading up to a rousing sense of desperation and regret.



'New York, New York'

When Ryan Adams shot the video for ‘New York, New York’ on September 7th 2001 in front of the World Trade Centre, he thought nothing of it. Four days later the Twin Towers would collapse and the video went own to gain significant airplay following the attacks. The tragic events give the song extra significance, but even without that it’s still a lovely melancholic paean to the big city from a boy from North Carolina.




Adam’s cover of the Oasis classic from his 2004 album Love Is Hell is probably his best known track in the UK. It’s a beautiful, slowed down arrangement relying mostly on just his voice and an acoustic guitar. Noel Gallagher even went on record for his admiration of the cover, admitting "I never got my head round this song until I went to [see] Ryan Adams play and he did an amazing cover of it."




Featuring his regular backing band The Cardinals, Adams’ 2007 album Easy Tiger was his first after managing to over a series of drug addictions. Lead single ‘Halloweenhead’ was soaring, raw song that it’s hard not to read references to addiction into.



'Lucky Now'

Adam’s last album Ashes & Fire found him older and more reflective, settled down and married to Mandy Moore. Like most of the tracks, ‘Lucky Now is a more stripped back song, looking back on the past and with a more uplifting take on the world than his most of his previous work.


Ryan Adams' new self-titled album will be released into hmv stores on Monday (September 8th) and is available for pre-order now.

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