January 22, 2014

You Me At Six's Cavalier Youth – What You Need To Know
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You Me At Six's Cavalier Youth – What You Need To Know

Surrey rockers You Me At Six release their new album Cavalier Youth on Monday (January 27) and are celebrating with a signing tour at hmvs all over the country (you can find more details about that here). To get ready for the album's release, we've put together a little guide, here’s what you need to know about Cavalier Youth.


What’s The Background?

You Me At Six are at a strange point in their career, despite enjoying a good deal of success with their third record Sinners Never Sleep, selling over 150,000 copies in the UK alone, finding themselves higher and higher up festival bills and selling out their first arena headline show, they ended the campaign by parting ways with their label and speculating openly about their future in interviews.

Now newly signed and with two big support tours under their belt, the band have regrouped with their new album Cavalier Youth, making this new record feel like something of a fresh start.


Who's At The Controls?

After admitting that they hadn't enjoyed sessions with GGGarth Richardson for Sinners Never Sleep, the band turned to Linkin Park/Fall Out Boy producer Neal Avron for this record. Avron has a knack for giving rock a radio friendly sheen, something that will be key to the success of this record.

Cavalier Youth
Cavalier Youth You Me At Six


What Does It Sound Like?

First things first, it sounds absolutely enormous. The band have clearly developed a taste for creating songs that fill arenas, you can hear a cross section of the last generation of stadium fillers here, there's the rolling drums that drive The Killers, those same guitars that sound like they were recorded in an aircraft hanger that power U2's big hits and the same skyscraper size choruses that make millions of people sing along to Coldplay each and every time they play. The bubblegum pop-punk is long gone.


What Are The Standout Tracks?

'Fresh Start Fever' packs an almighty punch, as does opener 'Too Young To Feel This Old', 'Room To Breathe' is amazingly hummable, but the real standout track is 'Cold Night'.


Does It Deliver?

If fans were hoping for a return to the band's early days of New Found Glory and mid-period Green Day esque pop-punk, then they're going to be disappointed. This is a straight-up rock record, with more big choruses and fewer ballads.


You can pre-order Cavalier Youth in our download store now by clicking here.

You Me At Six - Fresh Start Fever

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