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Zayn’s Mind Of Mine - WhAT yOu NeED To knOw
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Zayn’s Mind Of Mine - WhAT yOu NeED To knOW

The former One Direction man unveils his debut solo album on Friday (March 25th, you can pre-order it on the right-hand side of the page) and here is everything you need to know about it...


A LiTtLe bACkgROuNd…

Exactly one year ago Zayn Malik walked out of the world’s biggest boyband, he told the media he wanted a normal life and to get away from the hectic schedule of life inside One Direction. But, as it turned out, his hiatus from music didn’t last all that long at all. He’d already been dabbling with solo stuff, but later in the year he would sign with RCA, a different wing of Sony from his former bandmates in One Direction and begin working seriously on a solo LP. Well that album, which is titled Mind Of Mine and features some very creative lettering (we’ve paid our own little tribute to that below), is out today..

wHO’s pROdUCiNg iT?

The vast majority of the album has been produced by Malay, the man who has worked with Yelawolf, John Legend, Big Boi, and, most crucially and what probably got him this gig, was his work on Frank Ocean’s incredible album Channel Orange.


aNy SpECiAl gUeSTs?

Only the one. Kehlani, 20-year old rising R’n’B star, who has worked with Charlie Puth, Trey Songz and Chance The Rapper in the past, she helps out on ‘WRoNg’.


WhAT dOes It soUNd LiKE?

This is a long away from One Direction’s clean cut leanings towards radio rock, this is an R’N’B album. The influences are fairly obvious, there’s plenty of Frank Ocean, particularly on ‘iT’s YoU’, lots of The Weeknd, especially on ‘BeFoUr’ and the single ‘PILLOWTALK’ and a large dollop of vintage Usher. You can hear little flecks of the genre’s superstars like Ginuwine, Trey Songz and J. Cole on here too.

The production is pretty minimal sometimes, with Malik’s voice front and centre, other times it’s thick and dark, cloaked the sounds in huge basslines and grinding electronics.


dOeS iT DelIVeR?

Malik has quite clearly set out to do two things with this album. One, establish himself as an artist as far away from One Direction as he can, and two, make some big tunes. He’s succeeded on both counts, the production is dark and dank, the basslines rumble and the atmospherics are cloaked, there are also some whopping great choruses. It’ll take a little time to get into some of the deeper cuts, but it’s well worth the attention.


Zayn’s debut album Mind Of Mine is available to purchase from Friday March 25th here in hmv’s online store.

Mind Of Mine (Deluxe Edition)
Mind Of Mine (Deluxe Edition) Zayn

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