Rewards Club - Terms and Conditions

Temporary Rewards Club - Terms and Conditions

1. HMV Loyalty App
1.1 These terms and conditions (including our Privacy Policy online at set out the terms and conditions (the ‘Terms and Conditions’) of the contract between Sunrise Records and Entertainment Limited trading as HMV (‘hmv’, ‘us’ or ‘we’) and you the customer relating to your use of the programme under which you can collect and we award points (‘Points’) against certain purchases at HMV stores in the UK (‘HMV Stores’) (the ‘Temporary Rewards Club’) and which Points can be redeemed for vouchers (‘Voucher(s)’) to use in HMV stores by accessing an app which has been downloaded to an IOS or Android phone (‘HMV Loyalty App’). The Temporary Rewards Club will be active from Monday 28 October 2019 until Monday 13 January 2020 after which time all points shall expire. Vouchers shall expire at 23:59 on Monday 13 January 2020.
1.2. Application to join the Temporary Rewards Club is restricted to invited persons only who may join by entering requested details into the HMV Loyalty App. After we have accepted an application to join the Temporary Rewards Club, we may terminate the contract and your membership of the Temporary Rewards Club as described in clauses 3.1 and 3.2.
1.3. The contract is made between you and HMV when we accept your registration on the HMV Loyalty App. By registering on the HMV Loyalty App you agree to these Terms and Conditions (as may be updated from time to time), and which govern your use of theTemporary Rewards Club to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions.
1.4. You must be 16 years of age or over, resident in the UK and register a valid email address to join the Temporary Rewards Club. Membership of the Temporary Rewards Club is limited to a maximum of one account per member.
1.5. You are responsible for the security of your account and for any transactions and/or redemption of points made using the Temporary Rewards Club.
1.6. Your account on the Temporary Rewards Club is for your personal use. It cannot be transferred, and Points cannot be earned or used by third parties.
1.7. The Temporary Rewards Club is only for consumer use. It cannot be used for any transaction where the beneficiary is a business entity or for any other commercial purposes. Any Points earned on transactions where the user is representing a business entity and/or Rewards redeemed to make a financial gain, will be deemed to be in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

2. Your Rewards Account
2.1. When we accept your registration, a ‘Rewards Account’ will be created in your name to record Points to be earned by you.
2.2. HMV reserves the right at any time to alter (a) the products included or excluded from the Rewards Club; (b) the products on which Points may be earned; (c) the amount of spend required to earn Points; (d) the number of Points per pence/pound of spend; and (e) the number of Points required to get a Voucher.

3. Cancellation of your Rewards Account
3.1 If you breach these terms and conditions, or if you have misrepresented your details when registering, or if HMV reasonably believes that you have breached these Terms and Conditions, made such a misrepresentation and/or abused the Temporary Rewards Club, your Rewards Account may be terminated or cancelled, any Points earned but not used may be cancelled and your Rewards Account closed without prior notice. HMV reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary where a member is found to have abused the Temporary Rewards Club.
3.2 HMV reserves the rights to (a) alter or amend the terms and conditions of operation of the Temporary Rewards Club; (c) withdraw or cancel access to the HMV Loyalty App and/or the Points (including the redemption and issue of such), and/or (d) terminate the Temporary Rewards Club.
3.3 A member may terminate their Rewards Account at any time. HMV shall terminate the Temporary Awards Club and the Rewards Accounts on Monday 13 January 2020.
3.4 In the event that the Rewards Account is closed by either you or us, any accrued points shall be cancelled. For the avoidance of doubt, points cannot be transferred to another member of the Temporary Rewards Club.

4. How to collect and use Points
4.1 The Loyalty App can be used to earn points only at HMV Stores in the UK.
4.2 To collect Points for a transaction in an HMV Store, you must present your device with the HMV Loyalty App Card launched at the till at the time of purchase so that store staff may scan the app, or you may collect Points by using a till receipt and following the receipt validation instructions on the HMV Loyalty App.
4.4 Points cannot be earned from the purchase of gift vouchers, gift cards, digital games credit or subscriptions, iTunes gift cards, redemption of Vouchers, deposits on orders, tickets, delivery charges or other items as may be indicated by us from time to time.
4.5 Points for goods purchased shall be earned at the rates advertised on the HMV Loyalty App. We reserve the right to vary the rates at any time at our discretion and upon reasonable notice to you.
4.6 Points will be added to your Rewards Account as soon as practicable, usually within seventy-two hours of your purchase from an HMV Store. Points cannot be used until they have been added to your Rewards Account.
4.7 You can redeem your Points for Vouchers only on the HMV Loyalty App.

5. Vouchers
5.1 Each Voucher entitles the member to credit (‘Credit’) to the value of £5, £10, £20 or £50 (as appropriate) and can be used against all products (except gift vouchers, gift cards, digital games credit or subscriptions, iTunes gift cards, deposits on orders or other items as may be indicated from time to time) available in HMV Stores.
5.2 Credit will be transferred onto the HMV Loyalty App for redemption in an HMV Store. The HMV Store’s sales staff will give you the choice to use your Credit at the point of purchase. You will not be sent a voucher via post or by email.
5.3 Only one Credit can be used per transaction.
5.4 Credit will only be triggered at the till once the purchase amount (exempting all excluded products listed in clause 1) is reached (for example you must spend at least £5 to use a £5 Credit). The value of a Credit must be spent in one transaction and cannot be part spent (for example if you wish to spend £2.50 in store you cannot use a £5 Credit). Where you have more than one Credit, the highest value Credit must be used first.
5.5 Points will not be earned on the value of Credit spent in an HMV Store.

6. Data Protection and your details
6.1 These Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy govern our use of personal data collected from you. Full details of the Privacy Policy can be found at
6.2 It is important that your contact details are kept up to date in order that we can operate the Temporary Rewards Club effectively. If you need to make any updates to your personal details, please email

7. Miscellaneous
7.1 The Temporary Rewards Club is operated and promoted by Sunrise Records and Entertainment Limited (company number 11805729), registered office: Mermaid House, Puddle Dock, Blackfriars, London, EC4V 3DB.
7.2 We may amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time.
7.3 The Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and the English courts shall have jurisdiction over any disputes arising under or in relation to them and any contract made under them.
7.4 We have no obligations and you have no rights with regard to the Rewards Club save those set out in these Terms and Conditions.