August 21, 2014 presents… The Best Soundtracks of All Time: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
by James
by James hmv London, Bio "Like the legend of the Phoenix, I've just eaten a whole packet of chocolate HobNobs..." Editor, presents… The Best Soundtracks of All Time: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

With some great in-store offers starting this week on films and on film soundtracks as part our 'Decades' series, every day we'll be picking the best soundtrack, one for every year, starting with 1950 right through to the present day. Today we're up to 1975 and we're taking a look at Richard O'Brien's kinky horror-musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show...


The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the screen adaptation of Richard O'Brien's long-running stage show

Released When?


So what’s the film about?

Two teenage sweethearts named Brad and Janet are out on a drive when their car gets a flat tyre. They walk through the rain to get help and wind up at the house of Dr. Frank N Furter, a transvestite scientist who is building himself a dream man, named Rocky – imagine a more hunky version of Frankenstein's monster and you're in the ballpark.

Frank happens to be holding his annual Transylvania convention, and before long Janet finds herself becoming infatuated with Rocky. Meanwhile, Brad has an admirer of his own in Frank.

Is this a score or a soundtrack?

It's a musical, so it's a soundtrack of original songs written by O'Brien and Richard Hartley

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Jim Sharman

So who’s on it? Anyone I might know?

It's basically just the cast from the show, no big names on the roster here.

So which songs are on it? Did any of them become hits?

'The Time Warp' is easily the most famous track, having been covered and released several times by artists including Damian, Jive Bunny and, weirdly, Sebastian Bach from the band Skid Row.

What’s the best moment?

It's hard to look past 'The Time Warp' for this one. It's the moment in the stage show where everybody – and we do mean everybody – is encouraged to get up and dance, and it's definitely the catchiest tune in the whole film.

Has it stood the test of time?

The stage show is just as popular now as it ever was, largely thanks to the music and the strange cult of fans that have grown up around the show, so we'd have to say the answer is yes.

Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show

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