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“It was the most secretive set I’ve ever come across…” - talks to True Detective’s Tim Murphy
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“It was the most secretive set I’ve ever come across…” - talks to True Detective’s Tim Murphy

The second season of HBO’s megahit drama True Detective hits DVD shelves on Monday (January 11th) and is available to pre-order on the right-hand side of the page.

The show’s second run sees Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughan and Taylor Kitsch in starring role and followed the stories of three officers from three cooperating police departments who uncover a tangled web of corruption, murder and downright weirdness.

To celebrate the series’s release on DVD we sat down with Timothy Murphy, who played Russian mafia don Osip Agronov in the series and asked him all about working with increased secrecy, playing Russian and where he hopes creator Nic Pizzolatto takes the show next time…


How did you get the role in True Detective?

“I was asked to audition and, I think because I’m pretty well practised at playing Russians now the casting directors knew I could do it and I got the part.”


Were you able to do much research? There must have been a lot of secrecy…

“It’s the most secrecy I’ve ever seen in my career, I didn’t get a script, I got a couple of scenes that’s all. I was able to talk to Nic on my first day and he told me that the character develops into someone evil, but I didn’t know that until he told me. It was the most secretive set I’ve ever come across, nobody would talk about the script, hardly anyone had read the full script.”


Was that odd?

“Very much so. There was an app where you could download your scenes a few days before, that was all you got.”


Were you a fan of the show’s first season? And what’s Nic Pizzolatto like to work with?

“I was, I thought it was amazing and he’s great when you meet him, really cool, but quite shy. I’m not sure how much he likes being around producers and marketing types, but he was great with me and the other actors. His writing is just fantastic.”


How did you get in character?

“I’ve played a few Russians now and I tend to watch documentaries on the Russian mafia and on oligarchs. I have a Russian actor I know and I spend a bit of time with him, I’ve got the accent down. You have to be tough and full of confidence to play Russian.”


You had quite a few scenes with Vince Vaughan, what was he like to work with?

“Fantastic. Great guy, really friendly, fantastic to work with, it was like playing tennis doing dialogue with him.”


How was filming? It doesn’t exactly show off the glamorous side of Los Angeles...

“It’s the seediest part of Los Angeles, really run down, there are a few scenes in a casino and we shot with the real life punters in there and everything was just so decrepit, it was a dark and chilling place to shoot. Whoever the location manager was did a brilliant job.”


Finally, where would like to see the third series of True Detective move to?

“I’ve heard Nic say that he might go to Europe next year, I’d like to see him take on the really rich Russians down in Monte Carlo, I’d like him to inhabit a world like that.”

True Detective: Season Two is released on DVD on Monday.

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