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"Keeping a lid on what the characters were feeling, that was interesting to play with..." - Bruce Greenwood talks Good Kill
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"Keeping a lid on what the characters were feeling, that was interesting to play with..." - Bruce Greenwood talks Good Kill

Brutal new thriller Good Kill, which stars Ethan Hawke, Bruce Greenwood and January Jones, comes to DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday (August 3rd) and is already one of the year's most controversial thrillers. 

The movie stars Hawke as Tom Egan, a family man who makes his living as a drone pilot, fighting Taliban insurgents from his Las Vegas base for 12 hours a day. Egan is an excellent pilot, but, as the film goes on, he begins to question his role in the war and whether he is helping save lives or just living the life of a coward. 

We chatted to Greenwood, who you'll have seen in numerous movies like Super 8, Capote and, mostly famous as Captain Christopher Pike in both recent Star Trek movies, about his role in Good Kill. He plays Lieutenant Colonel Jack Johns and we asked him about how he got involved in the movie, working with director Andre Niccol and his plans for the future...


When did you first get approached about Good Kill?

"I got a message from Andrew that he'd like to talk to me about it and he was on location so we skyped a few times and the more we talked the more it appeared we were on the same page, I think we both kinda said 'yes' at the same time..."

How did you prepare for the role? Did you do much background reading?

"I did a lot of reading, mostly accounts and recollections by pilots about combat and watched countless videos of generals addressing troops."

What was it like to film? Was it a tough shoot?

"The only thing that was really tricky was the fact that we were shooting in a very confined space which it made it difficult to create movement to underscore emotional events, but on the other hand that led us all to more internalised interpretations. Keeping a lid on what the characters were feeling became an extra component that was interesting to play with."

How did you find working with Andrew Niccol?

"Andrew is very specific; he'd written the script of course and had a ready answer for any question, which kept the momentum and energy high."

What did you have coming up next?

"A bunch of stuff: A film called Wildlike, which we shot in Alaska, a film called 'Spectrals' for Legendary which we shot in Budapest, Fathers and Daughters with Russell Crowe that we shot in Pittsburgh, Truth with Cate Blanchette which we shot in Australia, 'Rehearsal' which we actually shot in LA! A little bit in the new version of Wet Hot American Summer, and some other stuff I'm not remembering at the moment..."

Finally, will we see you in Star Trek 3?

"Alas, Pike is dead. I was hoping for a blast of Khan's blood, or a flashback, or SOMETHING! But no, Pike is out of reach... "


Good Kill is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday (August 3rd). Click here to pre-order the movie from our online store. 


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