January 7, 2014

'You’re Next': A fresh take on the ‘slasher’ flick?
by James
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'You’re Next': A fresh take on the ‘slasher’ flick?

More than two years after its screen debut at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, next week sees the UK DVD & Blu-Ray release of You’re Next, a film written by Simon Barrett and directed by Adam Wingard that provides a fresh take on the ‘home invasion’ concept.

Made on a positively thrifty budget of $1 million, the film stars former Home and Away actress Sharni Vinson alongside a cast of relative unknowns, but the lack of big name actors shouldn’t dissuade you from a film that has been steadily garnering positive reviews from critics, and while it hasn’t exactly taken the box office by storm, it has still delivered over $18 million worldwide, a very handsome return for its ridiculously modest budget.

The film was shot in just four weeks at a mansion house in Columbia, Missouri, but took nearly two years to reach cinemas, with Lionsgate finally bagging the distribution rights for a reported $2 million.

You're Next
You're Next Adam Wingard

What’s the plot?

The Davison family meets for a wedding anniversary at their stately but run-down family estate, but unbeknownst to them, they are being watched. A gang of crossbow-wielding, animal-mask-wearing home invaders attack the family and begin wiping them out. So far, so predictable. But then the family begins to fight back, with one of their number displaying some surprising talents for dispensing with the attackers.

There’s a clever double-twist here: as part of the film’s promotion, the trailers and taglines play heavily on the animal masks and the idea of the animals hunting the humans. But eventually it is the hunters who become the hunted, as one of the family proves to be the most deadly killer of the lot.

Does it deliver?

Despite the film enjoying a huge film festival buzz and receiving a positive critical reception, audiences didn’t really go for it in the numbers you might expect, but You’re Next is an original take on the home invasion sub-genre of horror films and it’s well worth a look. Regardless of the lack of A-list performers, the acting is excellent and Wingard’s direction helps create a tense thrill ride that all horror fans should enjoy.

You're Next - Official Trailer (2013)

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