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10 Actresses Who've Never Won an Oscar
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10 Actresses Who've Never Won an Oscar

We're now well into awards season with the Golden Globes already behind us and the BAFTAs emerging on the horizon, but it all ends with the big one; the Academy Awards. Held at Los Angeles' famous Dolby Theatre, the Oscars are the awards that every actor, director and producer aspires to win, but what about those that don't?

Last week we brought you a list featuring 10 of the finest actors never to take home their very own golden statuette, but this week it's the turn of the ladies. So which of our most beloved leading ladies have donned their best dresses at the Oscars, only to come away empty-handed? Find out below...


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is undoubtedly one of the most famous actresses ever to emerge from Hollywood, to the point that her status as a sex symbol and her personal life often overshadowed her ability as an actress. Although she delivered many brilliant performances in films like Some Like it Hot and Bus Stop, earning her wins at the BAFTAs and the Golden Globes, Monroe never received so much as a nomination from the Academy throughout her career.


Glenn Close

People talk about Leonardo DiCaprio's string of near-misses as one of the great injustices of the Academy Awards, but consider for a moment the plight of Glenn Close. With a total of six nominations, one more than Leo, Close is the most-nominated actress in history not to actually win the award. Her list of nominations includes roles in Dangerous Liaisons and The Big Chill, while her role in Fatal Attraction quite literally coined the term 'bunny boiler', but not even a brilliant portrayal of a woman posing as a male butler in Albert Nobbs could persuade the Academy to hand her the golden statuette.


Emily Watson

English actress Emily Watson had spent several years honing her chops on the stage for the Royal Shakespeare Company before making the transition to acting on-screen and earned herself an Oscar nomination for her first feature film, playing the role of Bess McNeil in Lars von Trier's Breaking the Waves, a role she only stepped into at the last minute when Helena Bonham-Carter dropped out. Since then she's turned in countless Oscar-worthy performances but her only other nomination came for her portrayal of cellist Jacqueline du Pré in Anand Tucker's Hillary and Jackie, for which she learned to play the cello in just three months.


Miranda Richardson

Many will always remember Miranda Richardson for her child-like portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I in the second series of Blackadder, but in addition to being a brilliant comedy actress she's also delivered a number of excellent drama performances, earning two Oscar nominations – one for her role in Tom & Viv, Brian Gilbert's film about the life of poet T.S. Elliot, the other alongside Jeremy Irons in Damage. However, despite roles in acclaimed films like The Crying Game and Empire of the Sun, that's as close as she's gotten to winning a golden statuette.


Sigourney Weaver

One of the most versatile actresses around, Sigourney Weaver's filmography includes horror films (Alien), blockbusting sci-fi flicks (Avatar) and even comedy (Galaxy Quest), but despite nominations for her roles in Aliens, Working Girl and Gorillas in the Mist, Weaver has still never won an Oscar, losing out in the latter case to Jodie Foster in The Accused.


Helena Bonham Carter

Having appeared in several of Tim Burton's films, Helena Bonham Carter has a number of larger-than-life performances to her name – particularly in Sweeney Todd, where she nearly acts Johnny Depp clean off the screen – but her only two nominations at the Oscars came in 1998 for her starring role in Wings of a Dove and in 2011 for role alongside Colin Firth in The King's Speech. The actress did pick up a BAFTA for her performance in the latter of these, but similarly brilliant performances in films like Fight Club, Enid and Howards End were roundly ignored by the Academy.


Annette Bening

With four nominations and not a single win to her name, Annette Bening isn't far behind Mr. DiCaprio in the swing-and-a-miss stakes, narrowly missing out on a golden statuette for roles in Being Julia, The Grifters, American Beauty and The Kids Are All Right. Although she's won just about everything else going, including BAFTAs and Golden Globes, the Oscar still eludes her.


Michelle Pfeiffer

Nominated on no fewer than three occasions, Michelle Pfeiffer missed out on a golden statuette for roles in Dangerous Liasons, Love Field and The Fabulous Baker Boys, the award on the latter occasion going to veteran actress Jessica Tandy for her role in Driving Miss Daisy. Having begun her career as a beauty queen (Pfeiffer was named Miss Orange County in 1978), perhaps the Academy sniffed at her acting credentials, but despite the hat-trick of Oscar snubs she's turned in some iconic performances over the years, not least in the role of Catwoman in Tim Burton's Batman.


Amy Adams

With five nominations to her name already and aged only 41, it feels like it's only a matter of time before Amy Adams wins an Oscar, so let's get this one in while we can, shall we? Her near-miss roles include Junebug, The Fighter, Doubt, The Master and, most recently, American Hustle, where she narrowly lost out to Cate Blanchett's excellent performance in Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine. She was in good company though, joining Judi Dench and Meryl Streep on the list of nominees, and we'd be willing to bet she'll be in the running again soon.


Viola Davis

Until relatively recently, Viola Davis could perhaps have claimed to be one of the most underrated actresses in modern times, having been a regular on screens of small and large varieties since the mid-90s and turning in some impressive performances in films like Solaris, but her first Oscar nomination came in 2009 for her role in John Patrick Stanley's acclaimed drama Doubt. Since then, she's become the first black actress to win a Primetime Emmy for How To Get Away With Murder and been nominated a second time at the Oscars, this time for her role in The Help. A win still eludes her for the time being, but if recent form is anything to go by that may well change in the next few years.



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