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10 Things You Didn't Know About... Pulp Fiction
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10 Things You Didn't Know About... Pulp Fiction

It was one of the cult hits of the 1990s and turned Quentin Tarantino from an indie outsider into a household name, featuring an ensemble cast that includes Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Christopher Walken, Samuel L. Jackson and Harvey Keitel, among many others.

We are of course talking about Pulp Fiction, one of the films on offer as part of awards season in hmv stores. Everyone can quote a line from the film and some of you may even have ordered a 'royale with cheese', but did you know that the same car appears in three of Tarantino's films?

We went digging and discovered this and nine more other facts that you may not know about Quentin Tarantino's ultra-violent masterpiece...


Most of that speech that Jules quotes from the bible isn't actually in the bible.

The speech that Jules keeps quoting was mostly written by Tarantino, only the end part - “...and you will know my name is the law when I lay my vengeance upon thee” – is actually taken from the book of Ezequiel. The line was originally written for Harvey Keitel’s character in From Dusk ‘til Dawn, but ended up being cut out.


Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace didn't win that dancing competition.

When Vincent and Mia appear afterwards clutching the trophy the audience assumes that they’ve won the dance competition, but look a little more closely and you’ll notice a news bulletin playing on a TV in the background, announcing that the trophy was in fact stolen.


Their dance is copied from a scene in Federico Fellini’s film 8 ½.

That whole dance scene at Jack Rabbit Slims is a frame-by-frame homage to Fellini’s earlier film, with the dance routine and camera angles copied exactly.


The 1964 Chevelle Malibu that Vincent Vega drives belonged to Tarantino, and it got nicked.

Vincent’s car actually belonged to the director and suffered a worse fate than being scratched with a key in the film. In real life, the car was stolen during production and didn’t turn up again until 2013, when police investigating some youths stripping the car for parts noticed that the car’s vehicle ID number (or chassis number) had been changed. The new owner had no idea of the car’s history, or that it was stolen.


Butch and his boxing opponent are both named after US Presidents.

Bruce Willis’ character Butch Coolidge was named after Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States. His fight card is headlined ‘Coolidge vs Wilson’, with his fictional opponent taking their name from the 28th President, Woodrow Wilson.


Bruce Willis wanted to play Vincent Vega.

The role of Vincent Vega was originally written for Michael Madesn, who turned down the role in favour of working on Wyatt Earp. Bruce Willis was apparently keen on the role and was reportedly offered the part of Butch when John Travolta was cast as a way for Tarantino to ease his disappointment.


Die Hard with a Vengeance makes a reference to Bruce Willis’ role in Pulp Fiction.

The scene in which Butch is driving and singing along to ‘Flowers on the Wall’ by The Statler Brothers is referenced in the Die Hard with a Vengeance movie that arrived the following year. When John McClane is asked what he’s been up to since being suspended from the police force, he replies: “smoking cigarettes, watching Captain Kangaroo...”


Butch’s Honda Civic appears in two more of Tarantino’s films

The white Honda Civic that Butch is driving when he runs over Marsellus Wallace is the same model driven by Pam Grier in Jackie Brown. The same car can also be seen sitting in the car park outside the strip club where Bud works in Kill Bill Vol.2.


In real life, Raquel from the scrap yard was married to the gimp

When Harvey Keitel’s character, The Wolf, takes Vincent’s car to be disposed of, we’re introduced to Raquel, whose family own the scrap yard where the car is crushed. The actress playing Raquel, Julia Sweeney, was briefly married to actor Stephen Hibbert, who plays the gimp kept by Zed and his friend.


Robert Rodriquez directed some scenes in “The Bonnie Situation”

For the scenes where Quentin Tarantino is in front of the camera playing Jimmy, an uncredited Robert Rodriguez took over behind the camera.


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