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2020's Best TV & Film: the hmv guide
by Gary
by Gary London, Bio "I see the world differently; damn colour blindness."

2020's Best TV & Film: the hmv guide

Welcome to his masters choice - hmv's round-up of some of the best releases of 2020...

In the below booklet, you’ll find details on a range of 2020s finest releases, from the Oscar-winning Parasite, Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho’s darkly comic, but equally gripping, thriller, to Sam Mendes’ World War I epic, 1917, which employed cutting-edge filming techniques and seamless editing to create the illusion of a real-time, race against the clock thriller. With cinemas closed for much of the year, TV shows and home entertainment have become even more essential, which is just as well, because there was a lot of great stuff to get through this year. Game Of Thrones ended its eight season run with a polarizing final act and Normal People became the word-of-mouth hit of the year. We’ve also included a list of new to 4K UHD releases for good measure!

Parasite Parasite