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24: Live Another Day – What You Need To Know
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24: Live Another Day – What You Need To Know

When 24 burst onto our TV screens in 2001 it was pretty revolutionary; the show's concept of events unfolding over 24 hour-long episodes in 'real time' was the first of its kind, and it was even the first TV show to lack any real theme tune, beginning a trend that has since been copied by Lost, Heroes and several other long-format series.

More than that though, it also brought us Jack Bauer. Played throughout by Kiefer Sutherland, Bauer is the archetypal maverick; a total badass who isn't afraid to break the rules to ensure that the various enemies of the state he faces are brought to justice. Or violently killed, which is usually the outcome whenever Bauer is involved.

After eight seasons of the show however, audiences were beginning to dwindle and it seemed people were getting a little tired of the formula. Instead, new shows like Mad Men had arrived, with new, very different anti-heroes like Don Draper. When FOX finally called time on the show in 2010, it looked as though 24 was over for good.

But then last year, to the surprise and delight of the show's fans, a new series was announced. Entitled 24: Live Another Day, the new run of episodes hit our screens earlier this year, and next week (October 6th) you'll be able to grab the new series on DVD & Blu-Ray. Here's everything you need to know about it...

Who's in it?

The new series of course sees the return of Sutherland as Jack Bauer, alongside some other familiar faces such as Mary Lyn Rajskub, who returns as analyst-turned-hacker Chloe, as well as Kim Raver, who reprises her role as Audrey, and William Devane, who returns in his role as Audrey's father, James Heller.

There are some new additions too – fans of Dexter will recognise Yvonne Strahovski, who appears as CIA agent Kate Morgan, while Michael Wincott plays to the role of Adrian Cross, Chloe's new love interest and the leader of a gang of black hat hackers. There's also a role for Stephen Fry, who plays the part of the British Prime Minister. If only...

24: Live Another Day
24: Live Another Day FOX

What's the plot?

James Heller has been elected President of the United States and is on a visit to London hoping to secure support from the UK government in order to use R.A.F. air bases as a launching point for their controversial drones. Meanwhile, Jack has been on the run for two years fearing he will be extradited to Russia by the U.S. government for his role in the death of two Russian diplomats.

When he suddenly reemerges in London at the same time as the President's visit, Heller's chief of staff Mark Boudreau – who also happens to be Audrey's new husband – suspects that Bauer may be out to assassinate the President as revenge for his expulsion from the C.I.A.

The truth is far more disturbing; Bauer is in fact there to protect Heller from a terrorist attack he believes is about to be carried out on U.K. soil and finds himself in a race to find the perpetrator before he is arrested and charged himself.


Does it deliver?

The new series has been well received and is unlikely to disappoint fans eager for a fresh dose of Jack Bauer. There was a point around 37 minutes into episode one where we began to think “there's something wrong here, nobody's been killed yet'. We needn't have worried...

Strahovski and Wincott in particular are excellent additions to the cast and, as ever with 24, the plot has enough twists, turns and near-misses to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. It may have been four years since we last had a new episode, but the new setting and some clever plot links to previous series thankfully mean that it was well worth the wait.

24: Live Another Day is available in hmv stores from Monday October 6th

24: Live Another Day - Trailer [HD]

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