Five Things We Learned - June 1, 2017

70th Cannes Film Festival - Five Things We Learned...
by Roz
by Roz hmv London, Bio hmv guest film critic and writer

70th Cannes Film Festival - Five Things We Learned...

Not many people reach 70 years of wedded bliss. Just in case, do you want to know what it’s called? The answer is platinum. The Cannes film festival celebrated its platinum anniversary this year. 70 years of being married to movies! What a bumper year it was - political, thought provoking, finally somewhat diverse and as always, glamorous:

Short films
Yes, drumroll please it looks as if the era of the long film is gone. Some of the critically acclaimed and winners at this year’s Cannes were between: 1h30 – 1h50 in length. Our backsides and minds rejoice. Either they were short and invigorating in the case of: Good Time, You Were Never Really Here or slow burning The Beguiled and all around the 1hr 30 mark, hurrah!

It’s the return of the auteur
Coppola, Ramsey, Polanski that’s how people were referring to the films rather than by their titles. Their films contained proper stories with real narratives. These are films that will be shown in the cinema rather than some art house

Stay classy
The glamour is still there and let’s keep it high end people. On the back of the invitations to all screenings was written: “we would like to thank you for not taking any photos or videos on the red carpet, especially self-portraits using smartphones (selfies)” This is a no CANNES selfie zone although I spotted a number of people ignoring this rule.

There was a number of film entries by female directors, Will Smith was on the jury panel and a woman, Sofia Coppola, won the best director prize. The second woman to do so and first since 1961!

Big and Small Screen
Over the past couple of years it’s become apparent that we’re in the platinum age of television and even Cannes acknowledged it. There wasn’t one but two premieres at Cannes - 25 years later and we welcomed back special agent Dale Cooper to hot coffee and cherry pie in Twin Peaks. As well as, beautifully crafted with a thunderous beating heart that is Top of The Lake by Jane Campion.

I for one cannot wait for Cannes to turn 71!

I, Daniel Blake
I, Daniel Blake Ken Loach