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A second Conjuring spin-off is on the way
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A second Conjuring spin-off is on the way

A second spin-off from hit horror movie The Conjuring has been ordered.

The movie's sequel was released into cinemas on Friday (June 10th) and one spin-off named Annabelle was released last year, but makers New Line have now ordered another.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new spin-off is to focus on the villain from the second movie, the demonic nun. 

David Leslie Johnson, who wrote The Conjuring 2, has been hired to write the new film, which is currently titled The Nun.  James Wan, who directed the Conjuring movies, and Peter Safran, who produced them, are reuniting to produce the spinoff.

A sequel to Annabelle is already in production and will be released next year. Given that The Conjuring 2 has already grossed over $100 million in its first five days of release, it seems likely that a third instalment will also be ordered swiftly. 

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