News - April 22, 2015

A TV adaptation of Galaxy Quest is in production
by John
by John hmv Dublin, Bio established in 1981... Editor, Ireland & Northern Ireland

A TV adaptation of Galaxy Quest is in production

90’s sci-fi caper Galaxy Quest looks like it’s moving to the small screen.

Galaxy Quest, the 90’s sci-fi cult classic, is being developed for TV by Paramount, according to reports emerging from the US overnight - though the studio appears reluctant to comment.

Variety reports that the film’s co-writers Robert Gordon and Dean Parisot are working with Paramount to develop the show, based on the film about a group of actors making a sci-fi show who encounter actual aliens who ask for help from our heroes in the belief that their TV was real.

The original starred Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman but it’s unclear whether any of the original stars would reunite for the TV series.

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